Microsoft Excel is used by over 700 million people worldwide, if you want to stand out of the crowd you better be good!

Excel is used by both large and small enterprises around the world on a daily basis.  If you are looking to progress your career or even need to improve your Excel skills for personal use then you are in the right place.

Excel Launchpad is an online resource catering for all Excel users, those that have never used Excel before to those wanting to move into advanced techniques.  Excel Launchpad has an array of videos, step by step guides and downloadable resources available to our subscribers.


Hi I’m Gary, I run Excel Launchpad and hope you find the site useful.  I have been an excel user for over almost twenty years and have been a series users for over 15 years.  Working in finance I have used Excel for financial modelling, accounts production, cash flow forecasting and a host of other applications.

Looking back over my career I can count numerous examples where my life would have been so much easier if I knew what I know now.  Excel is such a powerful tool but like many powerful tools they are best used when well trained.  As with most things in life the problem is that you do not know what you do not know.  That is to say if you do not know what Excel can do how do you know there is a better way to do something?

Excel Launchpad will provide examples of the various Excel tools and provide advice and tips to enable you to work smarter not harder.