Custom Pivot table layouts – Excel

Custom Pivot table layouts

By Default Excel has numerous standard pivot table style designs however in my opinion many are not particularly pleasing to the eye.  Excel does however allow you the option to amend or create new pivot table styles.

How to create a new Pivot table style design

Starting with a completed pivot table click into the table to activate the “PivotTable Tools” ribbon.

pivot table styling

Under the Design section of the PivotTable Tools ribbon we are presented with 7  standard designs, there are many more designs available under the flyout menu which is accessed by clicking the down arrow with the line above.

pivot table styling 2

Right clicking on any of the designs provides the option to Duplicate the design, clicking the option gives the following pop up box.

pivot table styling 3

The options available allow us to amend anything from the whole table to the individual elements of the table such as header rows or columns headers.  In order to improve the presentation of the pivot table we may wish to change the colour of subheadings, subtotals or grand totals in order to achieve the required presentation.

The Custom Pivot style is now available in the fly out menu

pivot table styling 4


If you do not like the standard pivot designs, make your own.  It is much easier to amend the designs using the techniques above, the options are almost limitless.

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