Interstellar takes your Excel skills to professional level where advanced analysis and data manipulation are expected as standard.  The Interstellar modules helps moderate Excel users progress to advanced Excel skills.  Not ready for the advanced stuff?  Check out the Orbit section for more Excel skills.

Interstellar modules

1. Index match function

A combination of VLOOKUP AND HLOOKUP allows for data to be located based on criteria on both the horizontal and vertical axis of a table.

2. Offset function

Return the range or data that is a specified number of rows and columns away from a specified start point.

3. Rank function

Returns the RANK of a number from within a range of numbers.

4. Pivot tables

Quickly and easily manipulate large volumes of data and produce fast reports.

5. Advanced pivot tables

Take your pivot tables to another level.

6. Introduction to Macros

Automate repetitive tasks or use in conjunction with buttons and objects to create wonderfully user friendly spreadsheets.