Excel Training  – Launchpad Series

Excel Launchpad is where you build on basic Excel knowledge and pick up useful hints and tips.

If you are unfamiliar with Excel’s layout and struggle to navigate around the program please see our Mission Control section first.

If you are comfortable with the layout and want to improve your skills and become a proficient Excel user then you are in exactly the right place.

Training Modules in Launchpad

  1. Excel key shortcuts

Increase efficiency of your workflow by using keyboard shortcuts instead of the buttons on the Ribbons.

2. Absolute references

Use absolute references to fix the cell a formula looks as irrespective of where the formula is copied within the workbook.

3. Protecting Worksheets

Within a workbook individual sheets may be protected to prevent amendments.

4. Protecting specific cells

If workbooks are to be shared with others you may wish to protect certain cells, making them unable to be edited in order to prevent users breaking formula or changing data.

5. Protecting entire workbooks

Protect your workbooks from prying eyes.  In times of heightened threats to data the ability to protect your file is vital.

6. Conditional formatting

Use conditional formatting to change the appearance of cells or ranges dependant upon the data contained within the cells or the result of the formula the cell holds.

7. Custom finance formatting

Use custom finance formatting to make financial reports look professional and polished.

8. Concatenate function

Combine data or text from multiple cells into a single cell.  This is ideal for presentation purposes or to create unique values, such as merging a colour and date to produce blue07092018 etc.

7. MID function

the MID function allows data to be extracted from within a larger data string.

8. Text to column

Ideal function to use wehn importing data from MS Word or a PDF to be used in excel.

9. Random number generator

Random numbers are a perfect way to test formula and workbooks’ functionality.

10. Choose function

Returns a value from a list based upon the values relative position within the list.

11. Random text from a list of values

Create random text from a limited number of options, an example of use is for competitions to select a winner.

12. Round function

Remove unsightly additional trailing decimals by selecting the required number of decimal places to round the data.

13. Grouping data

Collect data items into a group to enable easier use of larger datasets or to increase speed of navigation around data.

14. LEN(), LEFT(), RIGHT(), FIND() and SEARCH()

More functions to allow the extraction of parts of larger data strings.

15. Sorting and Filtering

The ability to sort and display only certain elements of a data set based on the criteria set is one of Excel’s greatest features.

Now you have conquered the launchpad it’s time to take your Excel skills into Orbit.