Excel Grouping data

Often spreadsheets can become large and difficult to view on a single screen.  One solution to this problem is grouping data and remove from the visual display.

Grouping Data

If we take the above data sheet as an example there are two ways we can remove any unwanted data without deleting.

The first is to hide the columns: –

Grouping data 2

Highlighting the columns we wish to hide and right clicking produces the pop up menu as per the screen shot above.  The second to bottom option is the Hide function.

Grouping data 3

As can now be seen the columns F,G,H and I are no longer visable, the main downfall with this is that other users may not realsie that there are hidden columns.

An alternative solution to hiding cells is to group the data.

Once again highlight the data that you wish to hide and navigate to the Group option on the “Data” ribbon.

Grouping data 5

There is now the addition of a thick black line with a “-“ button above the column headers.

Grouping data 6

If we click the black line then the columns collapse and are effectively hidden .

Grouping data 7

As in the “Hide” example the columns E,F,G,H,I,J are now hidden, however the difference with grouping is that it obvious there are columns hidden.