Mission Control

Mission Control is the start of your Excel journey!  It is important to be comfortable with the basics of Microsoft Excel and time spent now understanding the layout and principles will serve you well in the future.

The Mission Control module will guide you gently through the layout of the Excel interface, providing details of the ribbons and menus.  The next step is to start working with and understanding basic functions and formula which is a key fundamental of the Excel program.

Mission Control Modules

Excel The layout

Find you way around Excel and become familiar with the layout, buttons and general interface.

Basic functions and formula

Excel contains an extraordinary amount of functions and formula which can be overwhelming.  Use this section to learn the basics and build a solid foundation.

Formatting cells

Formatting is key to presenting data, the formatting options allow you to bring to life your spread sheet making it visually appealing and easy to read.

Filter tool

Quick find the data you require and hide the irrelevant elements.  The filter tool allows you to show either single or multiple selections from the larger data set.

Remove duplicates

Improve data quality by removing duplicated values or use the tool to find unique values within a data range and then use in more complex formula.

Once you are comfortable with the basics it’s time to move onto Launchpad.