Formatting Cells

Formatting cells is a great way to ensure that your workbooks are professionally presented and easy to read and edit. All cells can be formatted in a variety of ways by right clicking on the cell and selecting the “Format cells” options

The pop up box provides all the available options for formatting cells on the sheet.

The tabs within format cells allow you to control the format of the text dispalyed, how the text is alingned, font, cell border and any associated colour or fills.

Below we will discuss some of the most useful formatting options.

Wrap Text

Wrapping text forces all of the cells contents to be wrapped within the cell border.  Unwrapped text spills over into adjacent cells which may not be aesthetically pleasing.

How to wrap text

Merging Cells

Merging cells combines two or more cells into one larger cell which spans multiple columns or rows.  The merge cells function is only to be used for presentational reasons and can not be used to combine data from numerous cells.

If combining of data is required use the CONCATENATE() function.

Example of merged cells

How to merge cells