Excel Training – Orbit Series

Excel Orbit takes your Excel skills to another level providing tips and hints to improve presentation of Excel documents and speed up work flow.

The Orbit series will help you to impress your boss and colleagues by advancing your skill set to a higher than average level.

Other functions and formulas can be found in the Launchpad section.

Training modules in Orbit series

1  –  Sparklines

Mini charts that sit within a single cell help to highlight trends within data and are a fantastic way to improve the visual appeals of a table or report.

2  –  IF Function

Return a certain value or run a certain function based on the value or content of a cell.  E.g. if the value is greater than or equal to 10 return “10+” if it is lower than 10 return “0-9”

3  –  Nested IF function

Use multiple IF functions at the same time to provide deeper analysis of the data.

4  –  SUMIF

Sum the data which meets a certain criteria, e.g. From a motor dealers records, sum the price of all cars which are blue.


Similar to SUMIF but returns the absolute number of data items not a SUM of the data.

6  –  VLookup

Find data within a table based on the left hand column of the data table. E.g. Find “Mr Smith” in the table and return his D.O.B.

7  –  HLookup

Identical to the VLOOKUP but find data across the top row of the defined table.

8  –  Data validation

Data validation allows the restriction of the type of data that is allowable in the cells.

9  –  Drop down lists

Use drop down list to improve user experience and reduce the number of avoidable errors.

10 – Dependant drop down lists

Create additional drop down lists that display options based upon the selection in the initial box.


Remove those annoying #NA by using the IFERROR function to tell Excel what to display if the formula returns an erroneous value.


Easily identify if an error is present.

13 – Subtotal

Insert subtotals in the data set without the risk of double counting the subtotals in the grand total.

14 – Basic Charts

Charts allow data to be displayed in a visible and effective format, add charts to any dashboard or report to boost it’s appeal.

Now you have conquered Orbit move onto Interstellar and take your skills even further.