Data Validation

Applying data validation restrictions ensures that data quality is retained and only appropriate data is added into certain cells.

The use of data validation restricts values based on the following criteria

data validation 1

For example by picking date you are then presented with the following options: –

data validation 2

We are then able to restrict the date entered to a specified range, such as between 1 Jan 2018 to 30 June 2018.

The Data validation function also allows us to guide users to input the correct figure by attaching an input prompt to the cell: –

data validation 3

There is also the opportunity to provide an input message for the end user to ensure that data entered is as expected.

data validation 4

This is presented to the end user as

data validation 5

The information provided to the end user can even be extended to providing warnings about the data entered to ensure the user is aware of the error.

Once this rule has been applied any errors in input will be met with a warning based on what has been entered above.

data validation 7

As can be seen here by entering incorrect data into the cell I am informed that the data is not valid and am advised what data is allowable.