Nested IF function

IF functions can be further expanded to apply criteria to the true and false values, whereby a secondary argument is used instead of returning a static value.

nested if 1

Based a previous example where we were trying to identify  candidates that have qualified we may wish to take this a step further.  A logical step could be to then identify the op three of the 8 who qualified.

nested if 1

Expanding the original IF function by nesting a second IF function inside allow for further analysis of the data.

=IF(D3<=8,IF(D3<=3,”Top 3″,”Fail”),”Fail”)

Comparing the above formula with the syntax

=IF(criteria,Operation if true, Operation if false)

We can see that the “Operation if true” element has been replaced by a second IF function.  So in this instance if the result is true then the second IF statement is run.