Excel Spark Lines

Spark lines are a fantastic and quick way to visually represent data from a table in a user friendly way.

Spark lines are ideal for scenarios where there is a benefit from making data clearer and more visually appealing.

Essentially being very small charts which fit into a single cell, spark lines enable each line of data to have a unique chart to identify trends within the data and are useful for large quantities of data.

sparklines 1

Spark lines can either be: –

  • Line Style
  • Columns
  • Win or loss [Can only be used with data containing both positive and negative values]

Add Sparklines to a document

sparklines 2

Then enter the Data range that the Sparkline should represent and select a location for the Sparkline to be placed.

sparklines 3

Once added to a single cell the mini charts can then be copied down the column as with any formula or function.  Within Excel there are various in built formatting options that can be utilised to further improve the presentation of the work sheet.